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Women's Wisdom

By Meira Kligman, EYAHT alumna


It started with a word I could not understand,

Me, myself and I floating in this land,

Of milk and honey, as it is lovingly referred.

I was tired and lonely and feeling not heard.

From LA I flew through the land of Shakespeare.

So much had happened there I could not cure with

Just a beer.

“ I want my life in LA back!” I started to cry.

 From there came the kind words and patience,

 I did not know why,

 These girls were so different from all of the rest.

 The first one to greet me had put on her vest,

 Of determination and strength

  Many others in comparison may pale.

  I cannot wait for the day she puts on her wedding veil.

  The next one I met had locks of gold.

   Her love of Judaism to any layman can be sold.

   A soul so pure, so full of truth.

   I was starting to feel a little less uncouth.

   Along came another who always makes me laugh and smile.

   She takes me to places in my heart I haven’t been in a while.

    So many others who just the same gave so much they don’t realize

    To this LA dame.

    And of course, I would never forget

    Rebbetzin and all the teachers I was blessed to have met.

    Where are these girls?

      What is this place?

      And how did it put this smile on my face?

     EYAHT was the word I could not understand,

     What it was all about

      Until I came to THE LAND.

      A month I have left here to decide what will be

       I hope to return, we will have to wait and see.

      In the meantime, I really must profess

      I am feeling stronger everyday and I don’t feel I have any less

      Of anything I had before.

      The irony is I feel I have much more.

       More of what you may inquire?

      More love of Torah and more desire

       To be the best Jewish woman I can be.

      Life will never be perfect, but I can always work on me.

      Which, you know, is a really great thing

       That this place called EYAHT has helped to bring.

--Meira Kligman