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Clarity (A Poem)
By Hinde Gordon - current EYAHT student


Blindly we struggle

Buffeted by fierce winds

Alone, separate


The loneliness of the Galuth

The terror of the Galuth.


An empty world

An empty self

Hungry, thirsting

A world without HaKodesh BaruchHu.


And then suddenly

Night fades

Dawn approaches

Blue and green and gold

Our eyes open

Our hearts open

Our neshamas open

The path is clear

The light of the Torah


Bringing us life

And light

A light in the darkness

A path to follow

A Master to serve.


To see the world with unshuttered eyes

To feel life with open heart

To know closeness and love

To be in touch with reality

Is to know the Creator

To love the Master

To learn and to do

Always in synchrony with His Word

His Torah a light in the darkness

His Torah a path through the Galuth

Dissipating loneliness and fear

Ending separateness

Bringing us together.


This is clarity.

This is life.