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Jerusalem My First Love
By Jenny Sherman - current EYAHT student


makes me cry

with its caramel hills

delicate persimmons

and the blooming ancient stones

that have cradled Sages

and the knowledge that

after having left her

for two millenia

she wouldn´t

produce for anyone

becoming stony in our absence

that now she is slowly warming to us again

forgiving us and offering

another chance

slowly but surely bringing forth


the likes of which I never knew

could exist

just for us

as a message:

Stay, this time.

Together we can get it right.

But what of the man at your gate

pointing his sword toward your

olive-branch neck?

Her smile

the moon

rises in reply

Never again, she says

drawing her bow back toward the gate


delicate hands not suited

for warfare,

shall we be parted