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Women’s Wisdom

By Hinde Gordon

The sky over Yerushalayim is blue, deep, wonderful.
The sun over Yerushalayim is warm, radiant, glowing.
The doorway to Heaven.

Up, up, further and further
Sparkling, glittering, beautiful
Holy words, prayers from the Jewish people.
Faster and faster, like arrows shot from earth,
They speed directly to HaShem’s Throne of Glory.

The sky darkens.
Black, heavy, thick, oppressive
Clouds obscure Yerushalayim.
Shadows over the sun
Consume the blue, eating the prayers,
Blocking the doorway to HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

Words, ugly, cruel, filthy, nasty,
Aimed to wound, to maim, to kill,
Shot from unclean lips, deflecting the prayers,
Shutting off the Throne of Glory.

And then, cracks in the darkness,
Bits of light, gleaming stars appear.
The darkness thins.
Glittering, the light grows.
Wisps of light, stronger, stronger,
Becoming beams of radiance.
The darkness breaks.
The darkness flees.

The unspoken words, the swallowed insult.
The forgiving heart, turning ugliness into beauty.
Holy words, flowing from the children of Israel,
From clean, pure lips, destroying the darkness.
The way to the Throne of Glory opens.
Words, the prayers of His beloved children,

Once again fly directly to HaKodesh Baruch Hu.