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Early Morning at the Kosel
By Hinde Gordon

Darkness giving way to light, birdsong surrounding me,
I wait for the bus to take me to the Kosel.
The birds reach a crescendo of joy as I get on the bus,
the singing in my heart even louder than their song.
The Kosel. I am going to the Kosel in the early morning.

The bus is quiet. Some women pray, others say Tehillim.
I sit waiting, filled with expectation, filled with peace.
Then, as the morning is fully light, we are here
at the Kosel, here to greet a new day in Hashem’s world.

I see the Kosel, the remnant of His glorious Palace,
and, filled with awe, I know that He is here with me.
Walking into the tunnel, I marvel at the greatness
of the ancient stones, too awestruck to touch them.
I find a niche facing the Temple Mount. He is so close.
Already women are praying, bent over with their intensity.
I stand, filled with wonder, and I, too, call out to Him,
in words without sound. “Come to me, help me, save me”.

Then, all too soon, it is time to leave. I walk outside
into the freshness of early morning. I cannot pull myself away.
So I sit on a warm stone bench in the back of the Kosel,
too overcome to come closer, saying Tehillim,
enveloped by the beauty of the growing day
and the holiness of the place. But now I can stay no longer.

As I back away from His Presence, the birds swoop and sing.
His Palace in ruins, it belongs to them until Mashiach comes.
The Kosel in the early morning. A new day, fresh, clean, and pure.
Thank you, HaShem. Thank you